We hope that this 1st International Conference organized in our Municipality will enhance the existing momentum  towards further development of tourism, through seaplanes and cruise, with obvious results on quality of life and prosperity of people living in areas around, not withstanding the positive financial impact that will have on our country in general.


President of Municipality port Fund

The 1st International Conference organized in our Municipality is the result of a four-year effort, with the main goal the establishment of our area as the greatest hub of the seaplanes and part of  the extended seaplanes network in Greek territory.   This hub, in combination with cruise ships that will be inviting  to approach our coasts, will lever further the economy of our area  which will gain the prestige of tourism it deserves. Our focus is this conference to become ordinance in tourist development.



I would like to congratulate the Municipality of Loutraki – Perachora – Aghioi Theodoroi as well as the Municipal Port Authority for their initiative to organize the 1st International Conference on Waterairports and Cruise in Loutraki.


We believe that the conference’s subjects and the presentations that will be given by the experienced executives of the International Cruise, Aviation and Waterairports Industries, will fully capture the range of benefits seaplanes will bring to corresponding locations, especially when combined with cruise ships.


The Organizing Committee of the International Conference will be:

  • Dimitris Bellos- WCADS Conference Coordinator
  • Greek Water Airports Security Manager
  • Former head of AVSEC technology section HCAA, Ex member of ECAC AVSEC TTF
  • Pitta Melina – Media & Public Relations Manager
  • Zervou Eleni – Public Relations
  • Beziou Anti – Scientific Partner of the Mayor Loutrakiou Perahoras Ag. Theodoron
  • Spinaris Ioannis – conference spokesman


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